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AlL  About

Blu Room

 The Blu Room is a patented technology that creates an atmosphere to insulate users from the outside world.

 Highly polished mirrored stainless steel

lines the interior walls, floor, and ceiling.

Illuminated throughout the session in soft blue LED light, the Blu Room provides a novel environment and a unique atmosphere. 


 Since the brain isn’t busy responding to the stimulus

of the everyday environment, the mind is free to relax or hold a relaxed state of focus without distractions (theta state).

 The sun is an indispensable factor in regulating our genetic material, biological rhythms and, in a
broad sense, many photo-biological processes via the skin and the eyes. However, with the
modern marketplace emphasis on medications, the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of UV
radiation have been overlooked.

 This is why Blu Room can be a powerful tool in someone's journey toward better health and maintenance

Image by Gradienta

Blu Room Benefits

Users have reported a wide range of benefits including:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Relief from mental stress and anxiety

  • Relief from physical pain

  • Faster healing processes

  • Increased creativity

  • Improvements in sleeping and staying asleep

  • Increase in overall feeling of well being